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" A Journey of a thousand Miles must begin with a single step."

Most students have had experience in choosing the right path in pursuit of their educational goals. Difficulties are inevitable when it comes to assessing the suitability of educational institutions according to each person’s individual needs. This is especially the case for international students who consider furthering their studies in Australia.

Making a decision to study in an overseas educational institution, either TAFE college or university, requires informed and accurate information regarding the educational system, teaching quality and course availability. More importantly, a good judgment leading to successful acceptance should be formulated on the basis of a consideration of each student’s unique personality, academic performance, course preferences, financial affordability and career aspiration. The choice is crucial, and the process of making such a choice is not an easy one.

A variety of problems may arise which, if not appropriately dealt with many lead to a bad choice with undesirable consequences. These could include school rejection, inability to comply with course requirements, or simply disinterest and inability to adapt to the institution. However, mistakes and risks are avoidable by seeking an organisation that provides experienced education consultancy and application services. Servicelinks is an organisation able to provide specialist skills in this area.

Why Us

Servicelinks Australia Consultancy has a wide knowledge and experience of the Australian education system, and is perfectly placed to provide international students with the right advice and services to achieve their educational goals. The organisation has been engaged in the practice of educational consultancy and application services for more than twenty years.

In carrying out research into alternative courses, we recognize that all students have different aspirations and abilities. We understand that students come from differing backgrounds and therefore have different educational needs. We bear in mind that choosing a course is the first decision to be made, but it is at the same time the highest most significant step towards the realization of students’ career aspirations. We conduct our education consultant practice with the aim of selecting the most suitable school that has the best environment for each student and, most importantly, to assist the applicant to successfully obtain an offer.

Our Office can provide up to date information, brochures and application forms for Australian educational institutions. We have highly experienced consultants who were educated in Australia. Our education consultants are able to guide you through the entire process of application, and assist you with the considerable volume of paperwork that involves often confusing and tedious documentation.

Our Education Services

Choose the right course

The service provided in Servicelinks Australia Consultancy is of the highest quality. As the preliminary step, our consultants obtain a thorough understanding our client’s individual needs. We take into account a wide range of factors, including the field of study, the level of qualification held, course duration, location of the institution, the client’s academic results, financial situation, and career aspirations. We will then carry out an extensive research of courses and institutions and identify a course that best meets the client’s needs

Obtain acceptance

At the next stage, we professionally prepare application forms and all other necessary documentation to submit to the relevant university or institution. This stage is crucial to obtaining approval from the institution, and we always act to ensure the best possible outcome for the client. The institution will assess the application and supporting documents, and will advise us if the client is eligible to be admitted. If successful, a letter of offer will be sent to us from the institution, and we immediately notify the client.

Process visa

Depending on your country of nationality and the education sector of your study, applicants may be required to undergo a pre-visa assessment before the institution issues an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). The eCoE is the only accepted evidence of enrolment for processing student visa applications. We help our clients through the visa application process and procedures, including the medical examination. Please browse through our visa services page or contact our office for information regarding visa applications.

Support services

Servicelinks Australia Consultancy also offers a wide range of educational support services. We organize airport pick up arrangements, where our clients can be greeted at the airport on their arrival. This service is believed to be helpful as students may be unfamiliar with the local environment such as transport and currency. In addition, we make arrangements for suitable rental accommodation or a homestay family for our clients. Support services can be tailored to the specific needs of each student and cover the main areas of concern for both the student and the student’s family.

Further and Ongoing support

Our services do not end there. We provide ongoing support for our clients, should they require any assistance during their entire study period. For example, we recognize that it is not uncommon for international students to request a course change or even a change of institution. Where they find that the institution they chose is unsuitable for them, we will take care of the whole process of transfer, including locating a new institution, finding new accommodation, and making sure there will be no visa problems arising as a consequence of the change.

We are willing and ready to provide ongoing support for our clients should they have any visa problem or other difficulties during their entire study period. ALL services will be provided free once you have become our client. Your studies will be challenging and rewarding, and we hope you enjoy this stage of your life in Australia.

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